Online shop selling spares for Chevrolet cars.

Website development.

What we did:

For the development of this site we used the following technologies:

  • PHP 5.3
  • Smarty
  • Libraries - JQuery, JQueryUi.


The Homepage:

Systems were designed for specific modules. For instance:

A Directory module, - which allows easy navigation through the catalogue and the organisation of all of the manufacturers specifications as well as a simple and seamless order form.

Each car model has its own section with sub-sections detailing specific parts categories:


Comprehensive directory pages:

GM-City - каталог



Product pages with integrated schematics:


A Store purchase module that allows the customer to purchase products effortlessly and seamlessly with integration to an online payments system called 'ROBOKASSA'. (This is basically the Russian system for secure online payments.)
The on-line store has a standard shopping cart checkout system.



Successful checkout.


In addition the store utilises a geo-positioning system recording customer location using the IP of the user.
In addition, we developed a system to identify any additional or substitute parts other than the specific one that was searched for. When a customer searches for the desired part, they are presented with any ancillary parts or optional parts that may be needed. Consequently a cheaper option for the repair may be possible.


Due to the unique structure of the database that we developed for this customer, the same item can be purchased at different prices depending on the warehouse in which it is located. This gives the customer options for speedier delivery.


From the point of view of user interaction, the site is laid out in easy to use detail. In addition, if the customer wants to make any suggestions, contact the store Manager, or send a request for technical details or help with any of the products. We developed the sites dynamic forms.





"I have worked with OpenStart since 2009. The guys work quickly, efficiently and reliably. They undertake work of any complexity. Collaborating with OpenStart gave me every confidence in the future, try and you will not regret it."


Project Manager,
technologies used:
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