We can say with confidence that there is no task too big and no task too small.
Whatever the complexity of your website our company can provide you with the following services:

Website support and maintenance

We support websites with all levels of complexity, irrespective of CMS,

  • professionally,
  • efficiently,
  • with quality guarantees,
  • improving and updating sites.

Prices start from £34.00 per hour.

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Website improvement

If your website hasnt been completed yet or you are experiencing some technical issues or you need to further develop or expand your site, then we can offer our website improvement programme.

It doesnt matter by whom your site was created or which CMS you use or the condition of your site now.

The prices for web site improvement starts from £34.00 per hour.

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Website rescue and restore

If your site has stopped working or just isn't working as it should do, we can help restore it to how it should be.

For sites using CMS - Joomla, WordPress or DLE, the price start from £102.00

For sites using other CMS, the prices start from £170.00

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Website virus removal

If you have received a notice that your website is attacking your users computers, then unfortunatly your site has been infected with a virus.

We can remove this infection with our Virus removal service.

The cost of virus removal from a website.

  • For websites using CMS: Joomla, WordPress, DLE or Drupal — from £96 per website.
  • For websites using other CMS: – from £170 per website.

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