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"Thank you very much for the fast and efficient solution to the problems with the site."

"Spoke to the guys a few times, was pleased with the speed of the work! Responded to customer wishes and offered the best variant."

"In this age of developing Internet technologies, many companies see themselves as experts in this market, as it turned out; this is far from the truth.
Turning to OpenStart I did not expect to receive such full and detailed answers and quick solutions on issues of interest to achieve the set goals and objectives, as opposed to what we previously encountered with the misunderstandings and unwillingness of other organisations working in real market conditions. 
But I was pleasantly surprised when the tasks were been solved accurately and on time. At the same time the costs were fully in line with the volume of work performed. 
In turn OpenStart grateful to the staff for creating an online store, and look forward to long-term cooperation."
"We are grateful to OpenStart for its work on the creation of an online store at Solo Italiano. 
They produced it quickly, efficiently and conveniently.
Special thanks to the director of the company Vladimir Bredikhin. It is rare to meet people who know and love their work, and this is a very important feature of a successful company. It was this that convinced me to work with this company OpenStart.
We will recommend everyone to use you!"
"Openstart was the first company to respond to my request for co-operation within the hour.
This was the deciding factor in the choice of the provider for technical support for the site.
What else is good? - Preparation of documents - quickly and without errors. Estimates of the time for the work - real and acceptable. The actual work - both qualitatively and quickly. The price was competitive without artificial inflation. Client help - Openstart experts not only simply carry out the tasks, but also help to find the best solutions by preparing a new list of tasks to eliminate the defects and improve the site. Will use Openstart again in the future. 
I wish the company every success and good work!"
"The employees at OpenStart quickly and efficiently carry out their work, taking into account all the amendments and adjustments. They patiently accepted all the wishes of the customer and were always ready to help in an incomprehensible situation.
We wish for further development and success."
"In Russia, everyone knows everything, but rarely, who knows how. The guys from OpenStart are among those who know what, and know how. Promptly, quickly, efficiently - that's why we use this company. I am sure they will not disappoint us."

"Hello, guys!

I just wanted to say thanks for a great job well done. I know where to come in the future. I have to commend the team for their friendly and professional approach and all my questions were answered however insignificant they may have seemed. All the advice given by the team has resulted in real results. It seems as though the whole team really enjoy their work. I will have no hesitation in recomending Openstart to anyone who are serious about acheiving their goals. Thanks again."

"Оpenstart is a unique company, very different from the others with a sincere desire to help you, and not just do what I ask. They get to the heart of your business, your problems and your wishes. They quickly offer efficient possible solutions.
We modified our existing ‘craftsmen’ site, and will continue to work with Openstart in the future. I can recommend them. They work quickly, at reasonable prices and with high quality.
Stop searching for cheaper alternatives only to have the work re-done. Go straight to OpenStart. They are professionals."
"Many thanks to the team at OpenStart for the work done! I liked the speed and quality of the work, the adequacy of management and of course the price.
I hope for further fruitful cooperation. OpenStart completed the agreed amount of work in 3 working days, while another similar company could not do the same thing in 3 weeks.
To the team at OpenStart, I wish you good customers and expansion. It was a pleasure to work with you."
"First of all, I want to mention the company's response to my request for collaboration - within a few hours and at the weekend. Before that, I had contacted 4 companies, but there was no answer within two weeks. The cost of work and the deadlines were reasonable. Especially the way that the detected defects were found very quickly. 
They were ready to meet the client needs in a disputable situation I will definitely continue to work with them."

"We started using OpenStart to support our sites. The high professionalism and quality of work encourages me to recommend the company to our clients and partners. I am confident that we will continue to work with OpenStart further. Thank you for your work!"


"I have worked with OpenStart since 2009. The guys work quickly, efficiently and reliably. They undertake work of any complexity. Collaborating with OpenStart gave me every confidence in the future, try and you will not regret it."


"We have been working with Openstart for several years. I want to stress the positive aspects of the company:
  1. The low cost of the work, with good workmanship.
  2. The ability to solve any tasks of any complexity, at least in our case which in my opinion were quite complicated.
  3. Providing discounts for regular customers.
  4. The help and support for previously completed work.
I think that there are plenty of pluses! Even now we are undertaking another job and look forward to its successful implementation. I wish prosperity to the company OpenStart."  
"The long-term successful co-operation with OpenStart allows me to recommend this company.
I want to thank all the staff and personally thank Vladimir Bredikhin for his careful attention to all of the issues and the effective solutions."
"We work with the team at OpenStart to create a corporate website for our company.
OpenStart has proved themselves as a professional and responsible contractor. The quality work, great client communication, reliable after sales service. I highly recommend working with OpenStart."

"Everyone showed themselves as responsible and a real team. My personal experience convinced me that the company does not abandon its clients, no matter how difficult and lengthy a project. Special thanks go to the chief generator of ideas and sensible decisions - Vladimir Bredikhin, working with a team under his leadership, believe that nothing is impossible! Keep it up!"


"The experts from OpenStart took very little time to make proposals to update the site for our concert and festive agencies "Celebrate with us". 
They took into account all our requirements and gave us all the approximate costs for the project.
We contacted other companies with these ideas but with OpenStart, we got what we wanted! Everything was done quickly, efficiently and affordably priced. For us, it was very important that the site could fulfil and serve our employees, it is now very easy and convenient to do! 
On another note our company would like to thank the staff for their valuable advice, excellent attitude and help in solving our various problems! 
Now when our partners ask us who to contact about our site, we would only recommend OpenStart! Thanks for being there!"
"Your company is very easy to work with on complex and intricate projects. This is a rare case of people who can be trusted with the task, which was refused by 95% of the other experienced developers.
Your prices are not necessarily the cheapest in this market, but experience shows that when serious work of this kind was required, it is quite justified."
"We have been co-operating with OpenStart since 2008, during which time we undertook more than a dozen projects together – some large, some not, but all were urgent and vital for us.
Throughout our work together OpenStart showed a consistently high quality in the work undertaken – from both the development team and project managers.
The company rescued us when the terms were overwhelming – it takes a very responsible team to literally work in the same breath. 
With competitive prices and a friendly approach, our efforts to find such contractors were a great success. 
I hope to continue to make sure that we made the right choice of partner."
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