Website maintenance


Technical maintenance.

A Complex service, which improves the efficiency of your site.
Protection from information loss and virus removal.
Testing and optimisation.
Implimentation of CMS updates and website correctness control.

Web-site developement.

We can provide high tech innovations.

Design support.

Graphic design, (drawings, banners, icons and slides) or professional redesign to create a positive image of your company in the internet which are tried and tested means of attracting new clients.

Information support.

Internet resource - first and foremost this means information.
Text content should be updated regurlarly and be informative for the users.
We can offer the placement of exisitng text and audio visual material or the developement of new material or adaptation for the internet.

What you get?

  • A 30 day guarantee for all work.
  • A high quality and effective service.
  • Personal Manager.
  • Real time monitoring of your web site project.
  • A fixed hourly rate.
  • Support of any CMS.

How much?

Standard hourly rate is £34.00 per hour.
  • You pay only the hours which we have agreed.
  • You have complete control of the time spent.

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